Full Eligibility

To qualify for specialized services funded by the

NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (OMRDD), a person must be deemed fully eligible for services. The NYS OMRDD has established a formal review process which is conducted through its regional sites called Developmental Disabilities Service Offices (DDSO).   This review process will result in a letter to the individual stating the outcome.  Full eligibility is needed for all housing opportunities and supports, Medicaid Service Coordination, and Medicaid Waiver services such as day habilitation, respite, residential habilitation and environmental modification.  

NOTE: Some OMRDD services require an additional level of care determination (e.g. ICF/MR, HCBS Wavier) and individuals are eligible for HCBS services only when they reside in appropriate living arrangements.

Acceptable documentation must minimally include:

A comprehensive psychological evaluation within three years
application that includes the results
of standardized I.Q. testing.  For
students and recent graduates, an abbreviated triennial psychological is not
acceptable; it must be comprehensive.

A measure of adaptive behavior for all those with an IQ above 60

Only certain testing instruments are acceptable for IQ
testing and measurement
of adaptive behavior, please refer to the County's consent for release of information or the OMRDD Guidelines for eligibility.  

A specialty report concluding in an identified qualifying diagnosis
An example could be documentation
of neurologist's evaluation
leading to a diagnosis
of autism that specifies the basis of the resulting diagnosis.  A doctor’s notation that the person has autism would not be acceptable.

A social history, medical reports or evaluations indicating current health status and onset
of the disability prior to age 21

If proof of onset prior to age 21 cannot be located, there needs to be documentation of efforts to obtain the information and a reasonable history.  

People that have received services in the past that have a "break" in service will need to re-apply and may not be deemed eligible. Examples of a break in service include but are not limited to: people that received a service up until such time as they were
admitted to licensed or certified setting outside
of the developmental disabilities system such as foster care, mental health residence, residential treatment facility, nursing home, residential school; people that have moved out of state; people who have opted out of services.

Basic Eligibility

If full eligibility has not yet been established but there is some evidence that a developmental disability may exist, basic eligibility may be established upon a review of such documentation by the agency providing the service desired. With basic eligibility, the following specialized services may be accessed: advocacy, family assistance, information and referral, recreation and social activities, family reimbursement, educational opportunities and support groups. A complete listing of services and contacts can be found at www.orangecountynyddconnection.com

It is important to note the following: If an individual with basic eligibility applies for and is denied full eligibility, they may no longer use any services funded by the NYS OMRDD.


Need Help?

If you need assistance with the eligibility process, the Orange County Department of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Division can help (845)291-2620,dmcfadden@co.orange.ny.us or you may contact any of the Developmental Disabilities Service Providers.  You can use the County’s consent for release of information form [ Click Here ]  to send to your school district, specialty doctors, etc.   Your signed consent will authorize them to send documentation to us for review. Once we receive a complete packet of information, we will forward everything to the DDSO or, you may send information directly to the

Hudson Valley DDSO
9 Wilbur Road
PO Box 470
Thiells, NY 10984
Phone: (845) 947-6100

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